Walking the Cat

Holly in the grass 1

Cat walking is not like dog walking. Cat's have no concept of path or sidewalk and no incentive to go in any one direction. A little bug will set off a mad rush into the tall grass, followed by several minutes of grass chewing, followed by another mad rush after another bug, followed by a roll-over and take-a-break moment. On and on it goes, as we wander down the path to the field below. My cat is an 'off-road' traveler, in the general direction of away from the house and down the hill. Which means when it's time to go home, I'm carrying a 15 pound cat uphill all the way.
However, when I'm outside on 'cat time', I have an opportunity to pay attention to what is growing in the places we wander through. And what a variety there is! I'm attempting to identify what is growing underfoot and I seem to encounter new plants every day.

I was able to identify this grass with tassels as 'sedge' . Turns out it's similar to the tall ornamental grasses all over the neighborhood, and supposedly has edible tubers. If the cat slows down at some point, I will dig one up and see.

Holly in the grass 2