Interstellar Corn

Interstellar Corn

I just finished watching the movie, 'Interstellar'. Oh dear, in the year 2067 the only crop left is corn and people are hungry. And tired of all those dust storms. Our handsome protagonist is stuck on the family farm, bored and missing his old career as an engineer since no one cares about much beside food any more.

But a few remaining science nerds at NASA are planning a way to get humanity off our poor trashed earth. They are looking for a brand new planet to exploit. Yes - that's the answer. Leave all these pathetic corn fields and fly off in spaceships to Happy Cafeteria World.

This is just mind bogglingly stupid. How can a movie starring all sorts of famous people be so ridiculous. It's 2067 and no one remembers what caused the dust bowl? Farming is still giant monoculture fields of corn? The science of growing food hasn't made a bit of progress in all those years.

And farming is just so uncool. Just like today. The work of losers. Cool people study science. And science does not include anything to do with plants or things that grow - no it's all about outer space and machines and important physics concepts.

So if and when our space explorers find this other planet, are they taking any seeds? Wouldn't it help if maybe they knew a little bit about farming before they pick a new home? Or, like the Mayflower passengers, are they hoping some kindly natives will be there to help them out?