Be Safe!

Be Safe!

I hear that from people all the time — ‘Be Safe!’

Safety is all that matters. Behind the words ‘Be Safe!’ is “Fear!’. So it’s safety at all costs. Everything fun is closed. Everyone stays home. No social interactions allowed. And masked faces everywhere. Fear hangs in the space between us.

The strange thing is that no one questions, no one protests, no one even complains. If ‘They’ say this is necessary, we will obey. Ours is not to question why.

What happened to all the risk takers? Hang gliders, motorcycle racers, scuba divers, spelunkers, mountain climbers, bungee jumpers, people who own pet tigers… Are they really this scared of a disease that they don’t know they even have unless a ‘test’ tells them they do.

People in Siberia, in the Brazilian rain forest, in every location on the entire planet, people who don’t agree with each other on Anything Else, who fight and bicker and squabble non-stop…. EVERYONE is on board with This.

I am reminded of the movie, ‘I, Robot’, where the AI shuts everyone up in their homes to Keep Them Safe.

What if we had this kind of world-wide compliance on other dangerous things? Like war? What if the WHO came out with an edict that said using explosives against other people was dangerous and we need to ‘weapons’ distance ourselves from each other? Everyone could start sewing cute little cotton coverings for fighter planes and missiles to prevent the spread of shrapnel and nuclear radiation. How about some social shaming and lock down for weapons manufacturing facilities?

But war is OK, while birthday parties are dangerous.

So here’s a request to all the alligator wrestlers, ‘Naked and Afraid’ contestants, cobra keepers, shark researchers, grizzly bear cuddlers…. we need you! We challenge you to take off your masks and stand 5 1/2 feet apart. Will you survive? The world is watching!