Wild Wisdom

Sometimes a book is so amazing that it's hard to describe.  One of these is "The Wild Wisdom of Weeds" by Kristina Blair.  Imagine - a book praising the virtues of weeds.

 Book - The Wild Wisdom of Weeds by Christina Blair

Here's a person who loves weeds but actually knows a lot about them.

"This book is a celebration of our alignment with with nature's currency of abundance. The guides of this journey are thirteen wild plants found growing all across the globe near human civilizations. The chosen thirteen include: amaranth, chickweed, clover, dandelion, dock, grass, knotweed, lambsquarter, mallow, mustard, plantain, purslane and thistle..... They offer a vital key for our species' well-being at this time. "When we harvest our wild greens outside for our salads instead of going to the store, we benefit in so many ways. The wild greens outside are still vibrating with the life force and are at their peak nutritional potency!"(Katrina Blair - "The Wild Wisdom of Weeds")

Of the thirteen, I was familiar with about half.   I looked through the field behind my house and found the rest, including thistle.   Who would have thought that this prickly guy was so useful.   I've been making thistle juice in the blender all summer.

What inspired me even more is that the author manages to spread the word in her  community to see their weeds as something valuable instead of a nuisance to be destroyed.   That takes a lot of convincing.

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