What Lies Beneath

What Lies BeneathEver wonder how a tree feels surrounded by concrete?   What's going on down there?   Does it feel compressed and flattened?  

There used to be a marvelous display at the Field Museum in Chicago that let you pretend to get very small and explore life underground.   There was a dark tunnel with large plastic creatures emerging from the walls - worms and centipedes and spiders.  There was a whole world down there, full of color and personality. 

Even though it was designed for school kids, I was quite intrigued because I had never even thought about what was going on beneath my feet. Now, when I see trees planted in little islands of dirt surrounded by acres of parking lot, I wonder if the roots can find water and if the other organisms that make up the soil community are even able to survive under that heavy lid.

If the tree could talk, would things be different?