Real News

Real News

Aren't we getting tired of news about things like politics, war, money and crime?

What if there was a news channel where we could learn about the origins of the things we encounter in our everyday lives? Featuring the people responsible for it all. The people who create our clothing and appliances and furniture, the spaces where we live and the spaces where we shop, and the stupendous and ubiquitous variety of stuff all around us.

Who are these mysterious people? Who is it that designs and creates vinyl tiles and ceiling fans, garden hoses and pet fountains, ketchup bottles and egg cartons and oversized stuffed animals?

Who was it that came up with paint color names like "Muddled Basil" and "Silken Peacock"? Who makes kitchen faucets? Toilet seats? Rubber gaskets?

How about door mats with funny messages, seaweed-themed shower curtains with matching toothbrush holders? Coffee cups for people who love cats?

Who designed the inside of my car with 6 cup holders but no place to put my pocketbook?

That new pair of jeans? Hint - I don't think it was Ann Taylor slaving away at the sewing machine.

What unsung hero created the totally incongruous truck-stop bathrooms with fancy tile walls and flower arrangements?

Speaking of flower arrangements, who figured out how to make a plastic forsythia branch look like the real thing?

Is there really a little old lady named Vera with a big craft table and a lot of pencils, turning out drawings of paisley bags with zippers?

What brilliant minds are behind the exactly three house plans that are used by every single builder of every single new neighborhood in every single city in North America? (Maybe they want to remain anonymous).

There are many many questions that need to be answered. If I could learn about some of these mysteries, I would have a reason to find my TV and turn it on again.

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