Lunch on the Lawn


Lunch on the Lawn

"All good things are wild and free" - Henry David Thoreau

Can we change our perception of what a lawn is supposed to be?   Out lawns look like outdoor versions of our livingrooms - a carpet in the middle with shrubs and flowers as furnture and pictures.  What if we changed the livingroom model to the grocery produce aisle model?

When you look at a lawn from a forager's point of view, you see food.  You notice how many other plants grow among the blades of grass.  Where I live, wild violet leaves often cover as much surface as the grass.   They have beautiful heart-shaped leaves, very good to eat raw in salads.  But when the lawn mower comes along, it chops off the biggest ones and damages the rest.   All for the purpose of keeping the grass short.

To a forager, a lawn erupting in dandelions is a delight.  How sad when 'pre-emergent' weed killer is applied.   How insane - what is wrong with us?  It's like pouring gasoline all over the produce department in the grocery store and setting it on fire.  

If we could see our lawns as a food source just as they are, what a difference we could make.  Turf grass is an expensive indulgance that provides few rewards. 

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