Rescued Weed


Rescued Weed

There I was, kneeling on the side of the road with a spoon and a plastic grocery bag, digging up this little sprig of lambs quarters. Fortunately, no one was around to notice my weed snatching.

It's amazing that anything could grow in such a thin layer of soil over asphalt. Tucked away in a pot on my deck, the little guy grew taller, but there was never enough to even add to a salad.

flower pot

But the following spring, lambs quarters started showing up all over, in empty pots and among the shrubs.   I added a few flowers to one pot to disguise the large weed I was cultivating.   There were salad greens all summer and the bearded dragon got enjoy it, too.   My neighbors never asked what it was - just an undercover weed pretending to be legit.

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