Dirty Secret - I hate Gardening


Coleus plant in pot"What?!?  You don't enjoy digging in the dirt and tending to seeds and shoots as they bloom and grow?  It's such a satisfying, healthy and noble pursuit! Your whole blog is about plants and the natural world and how badly disconnected we are - what kind of confused hypocrite are you?"

Good point.   In truth, I would much rather be hanging out with my laptop than digging in the dirt.

In my probably warped mind, gardening feels artificial.  It's a way of controlling nature, coercing nature into growing what we want where we want it.

It's also too much work.

Houseplants bother me, too.   There is nothing sadder that a potted plant in a house.   To me, plants belong with other plants outdoors.   Not crammed into a pot and dependent on me to remember when and how much to water.   I don't usually get that right and they turn yellow and wilt.

That's why I like foraging.  You can leave nature alone and just accept what happens to be around.  If there is a patch of thistle you can make juice.  When lambs quarters takes over  there's plenty of salad.

Nature knows far more than I ever will about tending to plants - so I decorate my house with imitations and have lunch on the lawn.

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